Welcome from the Principal

John J. Taylor, MA (Hons), PGCE(S)

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to The Gulf English School.

Set in the enviable commercial district of Salmiyah in Kuwait City, our school’s aim and mission is to offer the very highest standards of top quality British style education, set within the contexts of Arab culture and a truly international environment. Our students come from around 40 nationalities including Kuwaitis, regional and inter-continental expats, giving children a broad perspective and understanding of the world in which they live.

Our pupils are expected to be respectful, thoughtful and considerate, and part of this is understanding the value of international education. As such, we instil a sense of inter-cultural understanding and community-mindedness in our students. Our ‘community’ extends around the world, and we encourage pupils to contribute to their local, national and international communities. To understand universal human values and our mutual interconnectedness is to understand our place as citizens in a global society.

Since 1980, we have always been dedicated to providing the best teaching and learning we possibly can. Our well qualified teaching staff, supported by our experienced Senior Leadership Team, are drawn mostly from the UK, US and Middle East. They challenge, engage and support our students, taking a personalised and holistic approach to each pupil’s educational experience, honing their uniquely personal talents and abilities. We have a particular focus on independent learning and critical thinking, showing pupils how to think creatively in a safe and secure environment. This prepares our students for life and readies them for the global community in which we all live.

As we never stop learning, lessons do not end in the classroom. On the sports field, we learn teamwork, perseverance and self-belief. Through music, drama and the arts, we learn how to listen, how to express ourselves, and the importance of support. The size of our school enables us to offer impressive facilities, enabling the delivery of an excellent range of interesting, enjoyable and character-building extra-curricular activities which are a crucial part of the learning process.

I look forward to being able to welcome you to The Gulf English School.

John J. Taylor


September 2016