We are very proud of our student council here at the Gulf English School. Each year students prepare speeches and presentations stating why they should be a council member. When all of the presentations have been delivered the children for their year group vote to determine which boy and which girl will earn their seat on the student council.

Being a council member is a huge commitment and all of our council members meet this expectation and often exceed it. These ten students work continuously finding ways to improve the school and make the lives of our students more enriched and fun. Student council members give up their Thursday afternoons to meet and plan various events or to discuss matters that have been suggested by the other students. They also come to school on Saturday, although not often, to continue their work. Below is a list of things the council has achieved this year:

  • A suggestion box on every corridor in school – used by students to suggest events and activities they would like to see, these are then discussed by the student council and those that are seen as plausible are then planned and carried out.
  • A recycling project in year 5 and year 6.
  • A fund raising event in the aftermath of the typhoon in the Philippines.
  • A donation event for people displaced from their homes which was supported in a major way by parents who donated blankets and clothing.
  • Painting school murals to brighten the school and inspire pupils.
  • A movie project to promote good manners in our school.
  • Running the first primary school GES has got talent event.
  • Learning how to be a sports leader and introducing playground games at break times.

Our council performs very well with respect, pride and hard work and we are very proud of them. Long may it continue.