Our aim in Year 3 is to integrate your child into an engaging and stimulating learning environment, where we focus on encouraging independent learning and thinking. Our lessons are well structured and aim to provide as many learning opportunities as possible. Much of what we teach, is taught through a cross curricular approach which enhances your child’s understanding of many key topics (including the Romans, Sport Then and Now and Chocolate) and aims to integrate the skills from all subject areas. Team work is also highly encouraged and we often participate in activities which involve working as a team. Collaborative learning is a key part of a child’s education and here in Year 3 it is highly valued and encouraged on a daily basis.


The transition from Year 2 to 3 is significant in developing the maturity and independence of your child. They are moving from KS1 to KS2 where expectations are high in relation to the maturing of your child. We introduce independent homework diaries, they learn about the four Houses and how their hard work can impact the results of the House competition (which is run from Years 3-6). There is also a greater emphasis on independent reading at home, where the children are expected to develop their comprehension and use their phonic understanding to create unknown/unfamiliar words. All of these changes impact positively and benefit your child immensely, as they move through their educational years. We place a greater onus on the children to think for themselves and carry out day to day tasks with little or no assistance.

Writing is a key focus within our Year Group. Your child will be taught how to write in a variety of styles and genres, right from adventure stories to writing an informal letter. We also place emphasis on writing grammatically sound sentences which often incorporate a wide variety of interesting vocabulary. Reading is carried out a daily basis, where we develop not only your child’s ability to read, but also their comprehensive understanding of fiction and non-fiction texts. Speaking and listening skills are developed all day, every day. Partner and group work encourage interaction and children become more aware of the need to listen to other ideas as well as impart their own.
We continue to develop their basic number skills and build on the knowledge they acquired during Year 2. We focus on mental maths problems, as well as 2/3 digit problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There is a big focus on Time, where the children learn how to add and subtract amounts of time, learn how to read and use a digital and analogue clock in the 12 and 24 hour format, and be able to read timetables and understand why they are important in day to day life. Shape and Data Handling are also covered during the Year. We carry out weekly Mental Maths tests/exercises in order to improve your child’s mental arithmetic ability. Learning their multiplication tables will give the single most beneficial effect on their mental maths ability.

We cover the following topics in Science:

  • Movement and Growth
  • Light and Shadow
  • Magnets and Springs
  • Materials and their Properties
  • Plants
Group work is actively covered during our Science lessons as the children are responsible for planning and carrying out investigations and experiments in order to enhance their learning experiences. It is designed to give the children ‘hands on’ learning experiences.
I.C.T/P.E/ Music
All these subjects are taught by specialist teachers. Your children will have 2 lessons in each of these subjects every week. Here at GES, we are fortunate enough to have our own Swimming Pool. So swimming is part of our P.E programme. In all 3 subjects, a variety of different activities are included in the curriculum for the year.

We look forward to welcoming all of our children and their parents respectively into our department!