Gulf English School recognises that modern technology is an everyday part of our lives and our students use ICT extensively both in school and out of it. However, along the learning opportunities that ICT offers it also brings with it problems and risks that all students need to be aware of.

E-safety has a very high priority in the school and students receive advice and guidance appropriate to their age and ‘e-awareness’. As well as learning about e-safety in their ICT lessons, secondary students also get time in PSE lessons to reflect upon safe use of the internet.

In addition all Year 7 parents are invited, with their children, to a parents’ evening early in the new term when risks and safety measures are outlined. Useful documents are also provided on this page.

Being safe is also about teaching youngsters to make the right decisions as they develop independence and start to go out on their own or, to be home alone. The school will run workshops for parents and offer advice to parents when dealing with setting boundaries and giving responsibility.